Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital:Last year's 9th, this year's 7th! The latest 2018 (2017) STEM has been released!


Sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and hosted by the Institute of Medical Information, the "2018 (2017) Annual STEM Press Conference" was held at 15:00 today in the Dongdan Santiao Hall of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

The editor spent every minute staring at the webcast, and got the good news at the first time: Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital ranks the 7th in the maternity hospital list! 

In 2015, Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital ranked 14th,
In 2016, Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital ranked 9th,
In 2017, Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital ranks 7th!

We sincerely thanks for the community for their great love and support! We are also proud of everyone of the hospital, thank you for your efforts! We will continue to patient-centered, take the social responsibility of public hospitals, and develop medical, education and research in an all-round way.

Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital was established in 1947. After more than 70 years' ups and downs, it has developed into a Third-Grade First Class Obstetrics and Gynecology specialized hospital with a high reputation in the nationwide. In recent years, we have made great progress in scientific research, discipline construction and talent training, and have made many historic breakthroughs. The number of projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China has increased year by year. The scientific research achievements have been published on Nature、Cell Stem Cell、Advanced Materials、Nature Cell Biology、Cell Research、Nucleic Acids Research. 

The vision of the Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital is to build a national first-class maternity hospital and a national first-class obstetrics and gynecology discipline. Recently, the hospital also launched the establishment of a national civilized unit. Everyone will contribute to help the 'Healthy China' with better appearance, services and achievements.

Get more knowledge: About STEM
The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences has been evaluating the hospital's scientific and technological capabilities and issued a report for continuous four years.

This year, based on the previous hospital science and technology evaluation system, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences further improved the hospital science and technology ability evaluation index system for China, and proposed and applied the concept of 'Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics' (STEM) for the first time which is according to the characteristics of China's science and technology policies and systems, and is in line with the development trend of the national science and technology system. It is a comprehensive measurement value that covers the whole process of scientific and technological activities, covers the entire chain of innovation activities, and reflects the breadth and depth of the impact of scientific and technological activities from three aspects, including scientific and technological output, academic influence and scientific and technological conditions by unified standards, unified sources and unified methods.

The STEM is based on the systematic thinking of medical research, especially the regular of clinical medical research, the consideration of environment system for the development of medical science and technology innovation, the systematic investigation of the discipline construction and clinical research practice of Chinese hospitals, and the systematic grasp of the relevant international scientific and technological evaluation research and methods. It is a multi-index three-dimensional evaluation of scientific and technological, medical, and hospital scientific and technological ability, which is applicable to the evaluation of the scientific and technological innovation ability of Chinese hospitals, a special research entity

In 2018 (2017), STEM continuously optimizes the evaluation indicators based on the stability of the basic indicator framework, pays attention to clinical research and research quality, contribution and influence, and fully respects the contribution of individuals and teams. The included indexes are based on the data that can be objectively measured and publicly obtained, and the core data that truly reflects the strength of hospital science and technology, so as to precisely position the overall hospital and discipline in the ranks of national medical science and technology. Its release will help form the correct guidance of stimulating medical science and technology innovation, encourage clinical research, promote hospital discipline construction, promote the transformation of medical science and technology achievements to clinical application, advocate scientific research ethics and moral integrity, and provide more realistic and powerful scientific and technological support for improving medical quality.


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