Congratulations! Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital has been approved to name the first batch of ‘Shanghai Health Science Popularization Culture Basement’


To implement the strategy of 'Healthy China' and further enhance the professional sense of honor of the medical staff, strengthen health initiative of the popular science propaganda family planning industry, innovate the way of popular science propaganda, build strong science culture atmosphere, enhance the public about the medical science of the acquisition, improve the health literacy, Shanghai Municipal and Health Commission took the lead in the national health system to carry out the cultural basement construction work.

In recent years, while adhering to the direction of public welfare hospital and making leapfrog development in medical education and research, Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital—the guardian of maternity and child health takes patients as the center, innovates the ways of expression, vigorously popularizing health science knowledge, promoting health concepts, and expanding the social influence of health science popularization.

After preliminary evaluation, selection and challenge competition, 22 institutions including Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital stood out from 81 applicants, and were approved to name the first batch of 'Shanghai Health Science Popularization Culture Basement'.

Briefly introduced the highlights of the popularization and health publicity in 2018 to all those who care about the development of Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital--

2017.12.31-2018.1.1   Jointly with Tencent news and Tencent Dashen, the live online webcast of "Encounter on New Year's Eve: A Wonderful Night Trip to Maternity Hospital" was carried out with 640,000 people watching.

Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital has lunched the initiative with eight organizations, including the development liaison department of Shanghai Women's Federation, People's Daily Central Kitchen Dajiangdong Studio, People Net Shanghai Channel, Jiefang Daily • Shanghai Observer, Shanghai TV Rong Media Center, Shanghai Medical Women's Association and Shanghai March 8 Red Flag Bearer Association, to call on all sectors of society to pay more attention to 'painless childbirth', and expect to attract more institutions and volunteers to join the 'Painless Childbirth Promotion Public Welfare Alliance', and recruit loving wife warriors to experience simulated labor pain on site to promote the popularization and implementation of painless childbirth technology. 

Cooperate with Shanghai Health Promotion Center to hold a large-scale public lecture of with the theme of 'Infant Sports Development and Sleep Health'.

Xinhua Online TV has broadcast continuous 12 hours live shooting 'Those Things of Painless Childbirth' in Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital and Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Capital Medical University to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Cooperated with SMG Documentary Channel, the 42nd issue of its gold program '72 hours' was broadcasted the 'Birth Gate' version of Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital -- the documentary 'Maternity Hospital's Delivery Room', which gained nearly 100,000 thumb up within 20 days after its launch and was watched online by nearly 400,000 people.

Nine well-known experts from clinical departments including obstetrics, gynecology, assisted reproductive medicine, and neonatology are invited to the 'Citizens' Culture Department', the 'Wangjiang Post' in the east of Pudong to discuss topics such as health and fertility. More than 100,000 people watched online. 

The core word of a hospital culture for Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital is 'Kindness'. The hospital will follow the first idea, do medical science and work hard to promote health.

Welcome more volunteers to join us! 


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